AERALUX a leader in the LED industry with a broad network of channel partners across Canada and the United States announces a name change to ERALUX

MONTREAL, November 24, 2021. Aeralux today announced a new company name as ERALUX. This is another step in the transformational journey to becoming an extremely important player in the industry. The new company name is a clear expression of our strategic vision and a fabulous opportunity to introduce a new corporate look and feel that is unique in the industry and will serve to further unite our internal and external customers.

The name change to ERALUX is a result of our company moving into a new phase of business growth and development. This exciting new strategic initiative will enable our company to grow and increase our market share in the Americas, as we continue our aggressive growth trajectory.

This change reflects the company’s unique value proposition, in that ERALUX believe the future of lighting resides in progressive LED technologies, along with a goal to position the company and brand, as a leader in this field. The transition accurately represents our vision to support progressive technologies in both indoor and outdoor lighting environments.

CEO & President of ERALUX David Wan Fong said “Our new company name ERALUX is a clear expression of our strategic vision as we move into a new phase of growth and market expansion. It is a tremendous opportunity to introduce our new corporate logo, with a look and feel that is uniquely our own. We know there is nothing out there that speaks to the innovative and forward-looking company that we are, and that is what we really wanted to convey with this name. The new ERA in lighting begins now!

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ERALUX is today a leader in the LED industry with a broad network of channel partners across Canada and the United States. At ERALUX, we take pride in our innovative design, unparalleled approach to customer service and dedication towards our mission statement.

Our manufacturing plant is based in Montreal, Canada with several distribution centres across the USA and Canada. Our portfolio meets and surpasses the high energy standards expected by our North American customers, offering a list of product categories, Track Light, Down Light, Industrial Light, Linear Architecture/Linear Industrial, Commercial Office, Track Systems, Speciality, Agriculture, and Outdoor products.

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