ERALUX Announces Partnership with AMA Lighting to Serve Customers in Alabama & Mississippi Aera

Montreal, March 23, 2021

AMA Lighting and ERALUX Inc. has partnered up to deliver promising lighting solutions to broader North America customers. As ERALUX continues expanding, we are excited to announce that AMA Lighting will be our channel partner and representative in Alabama & Mississippi Aera, USA. AMA Lighting will carry various ERALUX fixtures, from indoor to outdoor, together we are bringing our exemplary product to more US customers.

AMA Lighting has been an independent lighting manufacturer representative since 1989. They are the agency connecting the manufacturers and the Architectural and Engineering Community with high reputation of integrity to both customers and manufacturers. Their Limited Distribution Network, Contractor Network, the connection with the End User and their effective performance made them the leader of representing latest products in technology and design across the States.

“AMA Lighting’s values and mission are in line with those of ERALUX. I believe this partnership will lead to added value to both companies, and I look forward to working closely with AMA in the near future,” said David Wan Fong, President at ERALUX.

Media contact:

Tel: 1-514-447-7598


ERALUXis today a leader in the LED industry with a broad network of channel partners across Canada and the United States. At ERALUX, we take pride in our innovative design, unparalleled approach to customer service and dedication towards our mission statement.

About AMA Lighting:

AMA Lighting is an independent lighting manufacturer representative, providing quality products and services to the Professional Architectural and Engineering Community, Electrical Wholesale Distribution and Electrical Contractors, in Southern Mississippi, Alabama and Northwest Florida. AMA’s success depends on their customer base within the Architectural and Engineering Community, their Limited Distribution Network, Contractor Network, and the End User, as well as their integrity and effectiveness throughout every business project.

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