ERALUX Begins Collaboration with TUYA to Bring Internet of Things (IoT) to the North American Lighting Market!

Montreal, May 30, 2022

ERALUX Inc. is proud to announce its collaborative effort with TUYA Smart to bring IoT products to the market. As ERALUX continues to expand its portfolio, this next step in the company’s mission is to help its customers access better energy saving solutions by leveraging progressive technologies and will allow for customers to enter this new technological space. The first step of this venture will be adding a series of TUYA compatible smart sensors for industrial applications. The experienced sales team can guide any client through this new phase of the company.

As of December 31, 2021, TUYA has reached over 8400 customers with a 12-month expansion rate of 153%. Most of their business comes from IoT solutions. Their network allows its users to be empowered through technology while maintaining an easy-to-use platform. TUYA provides an ecosystem where developers are able to innovate and benefit from IoT products. TUYA has a lot to offer the lighting industry, and ERALUX will help customers get there.

“By building interconnectivity standards, TUYA bridges the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains across a broad range of smart devices and industries. The company’s platform is backed by industry-leading technology complete with rigorous data protection and security. TUYA solutions empower partners, and customers by improving the value of their products while making consumers’ lives more convenient through the application of technology.”

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