Together at ERALUX, we believe the future of lighting resides in progressive LED technologies. We design to respond to limitless possibilities, taking advanced lighting solutions to indoor and outdoor environments for long term investments. The core of our strategy involves actively choosing pragmatic solutions that are practical, real and sensible.

We believe that creating enduring relationships internally amongst the ERALUX family, and externally with multi-disciplined project managers is the key to the door for proven, reliable and responsible success. Our relationships are built on trust and a promise to deliver.

Company Information

ERALUX is today a leader in the LED industry with a broad network of channel partners across Canada and United States. At ERALUX, we take pride in our innovative design, unparalleled approach to customer service and dedication towards our mission statement. Our headquarter is based in Montreal with several distribution centers across USA and Canada. Our portfolio meets and surpasses high energy standards expected by our North American customers, offering this list of product categories, Tracklight, Downlight, Industrial Light, Linear Architecture/Linear Industrial, Commercial Office, Track Systems, Specialty, Agriculture, Outdoor.

Mission Statement

To continuously help our customers access better energy-saving solutions by leveraging progressive technologies.

Our Management

ERALUX was founded on a principle driving change in the LED industry.

Focus on Execution

We want to offer you a choice for quality products designed in North America and manufactured across several sites around the world. We will change the way businesses are conducted today by becoming the ultimate reliable source of LED luminaires whether it would be for small or large orders.

Freedom of Design

Finally, we will remove the perception that it is difficult to make some of the products unique for even smaller orders. Our local team will gladly assist in the design change updates needed to help makes some of our products unique for you.

Every Order Matters

We want every order to feel as important as the first order that we have ever received. Every order counts and we will demonstrate this through the implementation of Dedicated Account Management process that will handle the internal work to ensure that your orders are shipped on time and with minimal touchpoints.


We have a talent based culture passionate about energy footprints.


We do what is right.


We deliver on our promise.


We are easy to do business with.

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