For simple wireless control of individual fixtures within the Athena control System, there is the Athena Wireless Node. It has a daylight sensor and a passive infrared (PIR) sensor for occupancy detection. It is plenum-rated and can be inserted covertly above the ceiling to allow wireless control without compromising the fixture’s appearance. The Athena Wireless Node is made to conform to the widely recognized D4I standard and is made to fit into a conventional knockout. It is easy to use and versatile, integrating smoothly with a variety of fixtures.

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Facilitates independent wireless control of every fixture within an Athena control system, allowing for seamless adjustments to zones and controls without the need for rewiring.

Designed for easy installation at the OEM factory, eliminating the necessity for on-site wiring. Once powered, the fixture is primed for wireless communication.

Compatibility with DALI-2 and ANSI C137.1 ensures effortless interoperability with third-party LED drivers, simplifying integration into existing systems.

Unified control of all drivers on the link, treating them as a singular zone, streamlining management and operation.

Embrace unparalleled design flexibility with Athena’s absence of a minimum load requirement. Each individual downlight can stand as its own zone,
ensuring adaptability to various design schemes. Enhanced by a newly optimized processor, Athena offers scalable solutions tailored to spaces of any
size and accommodates a spectrum of budgetary considerations.