Eralux illuminates the Oshawa Library

Eralux illuminates the Oshawa Library with the G5 Series

May 17th, 2024 —- Eralux is proud to present its latest project at the Oshawa Library to improve the atmosphere and use of public spaces. Located in downtown Oshawa, Ontario, the library is a center for learning and creativity.

Now that Eralux’s innovative lighting solution has been introduced, the library experience is even better. It is the best option for precisely lighting big areas thanks to its elegant design and energy-efficient LED technology.
Eralux sought to enhance the general lighting quality as well as provide a warm and stimulating environment for library users with this project.
Finding the right balance between usability and style was one of the main issues in redesigning the Oshawa Library’s lighting system. Offering variable brightness levels and color temperature management to accommodate a range of activities within the library, from studying and reading to socializing and events, the Linear G5 fixture proved to be the ideal answer.

Beyond only lighting, Eralux’s installation at the Oshawa Library has a significant influence. The library becomes more than simply a storehouse of books when it is made to feel bright and inviting; instead, it becomes a vibrant place for learning, teamwork, and community involvement. The lighting greatly influences the experience of visitors, whether they are reading books, taking seminars, or just looking for a peaceful space to think.

Positive comments have been received from both library employees and users. Eralux’s partnership with the Oshawa Library is a prime example of its dedication to quality and creativity in lighting design.