Illuminate your space with Eleganza – where timeless design meets innovative technology. Eleganza, as the name suggests, is a beautiful and sophisticated solution for open ceilings and it has a distinctive design featuring machined aluminum body, attention to detail including the installation process.

This electric vehicle shop features our Eleganza cable mount in black, seamlessly fitting into the sensational design of the store. This track light is a perfect way to distinguish the displayed electric vehicles and it brings light to a darker segment of the room. The light harmoniously merges with the shop’s modern energy and trendy aesthetics.

The Eleganza beautifully fits into a variety of settings, with various beam angles, colored finishes, cable lengths, and CCTs. The product can come in three mounting methods including wall mount, surface mount and pendant cord stem mount.

Adding to the Eleganza family, the recent introduction of Eleganza Slim continues the legacy. For more details on this latest addition, please explore the link provided.